Summer camp

We visited friends out in Amston, CT. DEEP woods Connecticut….ink black at night, loud as wild kingdom with cicadas, crickets, night birds. Luminescent eyes peering from side woods along the road kind of deep woods.
It brought me back to my summers at Camp Laurel, Lebanon Ct, which is next door to Amston.
Now I am homesick… 😦

Camp Laurel was a summer ritual. Packing footlockers with clothes, plastic bags, mess kits, care packages. Checking in with medical forms and permission slips, at the red lodge on the hill. Swimming tests on day one. Hiking boots and heavy socks. Platform tents, mosquito nets and saggy camp cots. The mess hall, with our share of kapers (chores), bug juice and rainy day games. The showers with no ceilings. Wearing bathing caps to swim. The lake water turning everything you wore into it, rust red. Camp counselors. Boy camp counselors. Scavenger hunts. Latrines and the blue pellets to keep the smell at bay. Getting the unit at the top of the hill- knoll, upper knoll. Trails End for our horsemanship unit. Mucking stalls, heavy jeans, long sleeves in 100 degree weather. Two mile hike to the Lebanon Fair and salt pellets. Theme days, camp songs, nicknames. Four footed critters curled up on your sleeping bag. Washing stations and soap in nylons. Archery, canoeing and canoe trips. Gimp. Campfires and nighttime stories. Being so sad when it was over. A full week to get back into your ‘real’ life.
They should have camp for adults.

Camp Laurel promo video:


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