The best thing I ever ate!

The best thing I ever ate…..

We’re starting a new weekly tradition on this blog…..sharing the absolutely, most, best, yummiest things we’ve ever, ever, ate.

Sometimes food makes me feel six years old again. =]

This weeks entry was a surprise food for me. For months, while shopping in the natural foods store, I passed these tiny cellophaned packages of “Tortas”. Usually near the cheese, but sometimes near the specialty crackers.

Today I bought them. Actually 23 minutes ago, I bought them. There is only one left. Its taunting me.

These little crackly bits of heaven are just the most amazing crackers/breads/tortas.

Shaped like a small pita bread, but thinner, they crackle like the crispy part of fried dough, but cooked in really good olive oil, and sprinkled with flakes of sea salt and cane sugar. The crunch of them melts in your mouth. They are so precious, they’re even packaged individually. They come in a variety of flavors, which I’m already strategizing a schedule to taste test…..between now and 10pm. Seriously, my keys are in my hand, that’s how good these are.

They would be even better with some sharp cheese, fruit and nuts. Or with homemade chicken salad. Or a spanish rioja. Or strong espresso. Gaaaaaa!- YUM!!!!

What’s the best thing you’ve been surprised to eat?


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