Or Lord wont you buy me, an electric knife

Every year its the same old battle: Turkey vs Technology.

For years we’ve tried various types of manual knives: Ginko, Steel carbon, serrated and straight-edged. We’ve researched a multitude of carving techniques, from de-limbing the fowl and carving the breast, to filleting the breast whole and carving the legs.

And still the turkey wins.

Each year, some tenacious and patient soul yells forth “Get an electric knife!”. And still we tally forth with our manual tools and techniques. To no avail.

So this year, an early Christmas present please? Think of the reward for such a gift- perfect slices of succulent white turkey, slim and whole, perfectly formed legs and wings. No bouncing turkeys off the plate and onto the floor, no wrestling with the carcass to release its deliciousness to our plates.

Heres the link if anyone should want to take one for the Gipper and buy this for me. Speak amongst yourselves…….


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